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Respected by Colleagues, Judges and Prosecutors

Vern has defended my wife and I in separate DUI cases and neither of us have a DUI on our record. In my case, I failed field sobriety tests and blew a .22. I was guilty. I was also involved in a boating accident where, while in command of a large power boat, I collided with a dark blue sailing vessel with dark blue sails that was improperly lighted at night. Naturally the state saw fit to prosecute the big bad power boat that “ran into” to poor little sail boat. In this case I was not impaired and the fact that there was no field sobriety test or blood alcohol test worked both for and against me. While there was no evidence of guilt, there was no evidence of innocence either. The state accused me of Boating While Under the Influence and then, on the day the trial began, added the charge of Reckless Endangerment. The case went to jury trial and after Vern shot gaping holes in all nine of the prosecution's witnesses including three police officers and mopped the court room floor.
– Anonymous

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