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Vernon A. Smith, is without a doubt, the most accomplished lawyer I have had the privilege to work with.

When it became clear, at the 25th hour, that my client was going to need representation far beyond the scope of the public defender's office, I called Vernon A. Smith as was recommended to me by another colleague. Both he and I were unsure as to whether the court would allow a change in representation at such a late date. Vernon agreed to take the case, contingent upon whether the court allowed him to step in. Vern immediately started making the necessary calls, making his presence known both to the public defender's office, and the prosecutors. The following week, we all went to court. Vern not only had himself made Primary Council, but brought with him new information on my clients case, that had been overlooked in the initial preliminary motions. This information, made it mandatory for the court to lower one of the charges, to a lesser charge, and in the end find my client Not Guilty on all other charges. Mr. Smith is Schooled in all there is to know about DUI/DWI legal-ease. More importantly however, is his ability to read people and situations. It is this gift, which makes him truly extraordinary at his profession. To say that Vern is a Master of his Craft, would be a vast understatement. I whole heartedly recommend Vernon A. Smith to all in need of the best.
– Anonymous

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