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Vern Smith took care of it brilliantly!

Had the misfortune of forgetting my firearm in my bag before boarding a plane! Vern Smith took care of it brilliantly! I was a first year UW student, heading from Seattle to Hawaii for some much needed sun. I had recently brought my pistol up (properly and legally) from Florida to Seattle. In a hurry to catch my flight, I had forgot to take the handgun out of my bag (it was still in it's FAA approved safe/carrier). I went through security with a Glock 9mm in my carry on! Can you get any more dense than that? Of course, it took all of 30 seconds before police started racing to the security point and before they could ask me a question I realized what was happening. After missing my flight, the port police had clearly wanted to question me. I answered a few basic questions before letting them know I wasn't a criminal and that I was uncomfortable speaking without an attorney. I received charges 2 weeks later in the mail. Vern Smith came HIGHLY recommended so I setup an appointment. He agreed to take the case, and after watching him walk into the courtroom, I knew I had a well respected attorney. He knew EVERYONE, and EVERYONE had absolute respect for Vern. Most impressive was how much the judge seemed to respect Vern. It was almost as though MR. Smith was His Honor. After 30 minutes in the courtroom, I walked out with the charges dismissed. I had to agree to a minor amount of community service for my stupidity, but a clean record was the result! You will not find an attorney that is more highly regarded, and capable! If Vern Smith says he will take your case, it's because he is confident that he can help you! He will not take your money if he doesn't feel he can make a difference! Don't get me wrong, if he takes your money, it won't be the lowest cut rate around! You will pay a premium that's well worth it!
– Anonymous

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