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Vernon A. Smith, Attorney at Law


  • About Vern

    I am not only one of the founding members of the National College for DUI Defense, but I am also one of the first lawyers in the nation to be Board Certified in DUI defense by that organization.*

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  • Washington DUI laws are among the toughest in the nation!

    You need a DUI attorney who is battle tested and on the cutting edge of the latest challenges to the law, breath and blood tests, and evidentiary issues.

  • Board Certified* with more than 25 years of DUI defense experience

    My office is in Bellevue and I represent DUI clients throughout the Puget Sound area. Consultations are always free and without obligation.

Washington DUI Attorney

Washington's DUI / Physical Control Law

DUI/physical control laws in Washington are among the toughest in the nation.  You need a DUI lawyer whose practice focuses on DUI defense and who is at the cutting edge of the latest challenges to DUI law, breath tests, blood tests, and evidentiary issues. Simply put, you need a dui lawyer who is board certified in DUI defense.* With offices in Bellevue, Vern Smith is a DUI attorney who represents clients in Bellevue, Redmond, Seattle, Kirkland, and cities in King County, Washington.
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A DUI or Physical Control conviction will trigger mandatory jail time, the loss of your driver's license, up to 5 years of probation, 3 years of high risk insurance, no driving without an Ignition Interlock Device on your car for at least one year, possible electronic home detention, and you will be barred from visiting Canada!
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What To Do If Pulled Over

If you are stopped for a DUI immediately request an attorney. Politely decline if the police officer asks you to do any roadside tests or asks any further questions and request to speak with an attorney first.

THE STOP:  A police officer needs a legal basis to stop you as you drive on the roads and highways of Washington.  Legal stops can range from any moving violation (e.g., speeding, un-signaled lane change, driving too fast for conditions) to something as simple as a burned out license plate light.  Also, a police officer may contact you after even a minor traffic accident of if you are parked on the side of the road under a doctrine known as the Community Caretaker Function.

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  • Contacting Vernon A. Smith was one of the best decisions that I've ever made.

    He was very responsive and kept me well informed, while minimizing the amount of time I had to spend dealing with the issue in and out of court. Vern's ability to minimize the disruption to my life was absolutely fantastic, and greatly appreciated by me, since I have a ridiculously busy life. The legal process, my options and the possible likely outcomes of those options were clearly explained to me, and updated as the case progressed. Vern's dedication and expertise were absolutely vital. I had a rather complicated case and Vern knew exactly how to deal with it. He expertly assessed and responded to the situation every step of the way. He is very professional, and has excellent technical knowledge which he applies and explains with great skill. Vern's abilities in the courtroom were amazing to watch; he knew exactly what to say, as well as when and how to say it. Thanks to him the charges against me were dismissed, and I will never forget the skill with which he was able to dismantle the prosecution's case. I'm sure that everybody else in court that day was wishing that Vern was there to defend them. And I know that I am one of many people who are quite thankful to Vern for getting the best results possible. His knowledge of DUI law is astounding, and I doubt that you will be able to find anyone with more knowledge in that particular area. Furthermore, his abilities to minimize his clients stress and fight for them in the courtroom are unsurpassed in my experience. So if you find yourself in need of legal services I would absolutely recommend that you call Vern right away. If you are facing serious consequences you really shouldn't risk it with anyone else! Read On

  • Vern Smith IS THE BEST!

    I found myself in the unfortunate position of having 2 outstanding DUI warrants dating back to 1998 and 1999. I had used Vern in the past as counsel and went right to him after my arrest in April of 2013 for these very old charges. Vern is so knowledgeable, competent, and was vigilant in his defense of me and always made me feel confident that we would get a favorable outcome in my case. In the end, he was able to get both charges reduced and the judgement was quite minimal considering I was facing some serious jail time along with other very costly requirement that go along with DUI. Vern fought hard for me and was able to get a very reasonable deal considering the Prosecutor wanted to throw the book at me and did not want to deal at all! I would recommend Vern 1000% for anyone facing these difficult circumstances, and know that he will work extremely hard for you, is always accessible, and will always keep you informed every step of the way. I was also very impressed with the respect shown to him by the other attorneys, prosecutors and Judges and the rapport that Vern has developed within the legal community is to be admired! Just know, when choosing a DUI attorney, Vern Smith IS THE BEST! Read On

  • Respected by Colleagues, Judges and Prosecutors

    Vern has defended my wife and I in separate DUI cases and neither of us have a DUI on our record. In my case, I failed field sobriety tests and blew a .22. I was guilty. I was also involved in a boating accident where, while in command of a large power boat, I collided with a dark blue sailing vessel with dark blue sails that was improperly lighted at night. Naturally the state saw fit to prosecute the big bad power boat that “ran into” to poor little sail boat. In this case I was not impaired and the fact that there was no field sobriety test or blood alcohol test worked both for and against me. While there was no evidence of guilt, there was no evidence of innocence either. The state accused me of Boating While Under the Influence and then, on the day the trial began, added the charge of Reckless Endangerment. The case went to jury trial and after Vern shot gaping holes in all nine of the prosecution's witnesses including three police officers and mopped the court room floor. Read On

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DUI Laws

DUI/physical control laws in Washington are among the toughest in the nation.

DUI Penalties

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